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British Royal Family Tree

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The British Royal Family Tree starts with George V (1865-1936).

George Frederick Ernest Albert was

the first British monarch belonging to the House of Windsor,

which he created from the British branch of the

German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

As well as being King of the United Kingdom

and the other Commonwealth Realms,

George was also the Emperor of India and

the first King of the Irish Free State.

George reigned from 6 May 1910

through World War I (19141918) until his death.



* 3 June 186524 May 1892: His Royal Highness Prince George of Wales *

24 May 189222 January 1901: His Royal Highness The Duke of York *

22 January 19019 November 1901: His Royal Highness The Duke of Cornwall and York *

9 November 19016 May 1910: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales o in Scotland: His Royal Highness The Duke of Rothesay *

 6 May 191020 January 1936: His Majesty The King o and, occasionally, outside of the United Kingdom, and with regard to India: His Imperial Majesty The King-Emperor

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Prince William of Wales. Second in line to the throne behind his father, William was born on June 21, 1982. Prince William Arthur Philip Louis began attending prestigious St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Originally studying art history, he later switched to geography. As heir to the throne and the future head of the Church of England, William's schooling and general upbringing are subject to approval by the Queen, Prince Philip, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a subcommittee of royal advisers.



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