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Creating a family tree is the most rewarding hobby you can do for yourself and your family. In order to get back in touch with our family values, we need to know what they are. Most people do not know where their grandfather was doing, or even were they were 50 to 100 years ago. By creating your family tree, you will also be discovering their history, amongst all your other ancestors. Not only will you learn what your family values consist of, you will lift the dark away from your family past, the legacy in which brought you to this very moment!


We begin! Your family tree revolves around you. You are the centerpiece of this history. You will need to input information to build up your tree, starting with yourself, include; full name (for women that are married use their birth name / maiden name), date of birth, and place of birth. Try to always be as specific as possible. Include Baptism date if there is one, marriage date and place and death date and place (which obviously doesn't apply for you).

family tree worksheetYou want to include this information for everyone on your tree when possible. Once you have included yourself, you can add your children and spouse if any, you add your parents and all of their information. You then include your siblings (parent's children) and you have got yourself the start of a family tree.

To help you input this information, Make Family Tree has provided family tree templates that you can print.

Family Tree Templates



It is critical to input this information, the most important thing is to document everything you find.  Always write your sources, you want to always know where you found your information.


Now you can include your grandparents. Some of this you may know... this is the time to ask the family for help. The older, wiser generation will know a lot of the names, dates and places you are looking for. Try not to miss this step, it may be the most valuable step of all. You will also want to know the names, dates and places for their children (your aunts and uncles), and any children and grandchildren they may have.


Creating a family tree doesn't take long to get bigger and bigger.




It is best to use all your family resources to find information when creating a family tree. You always get the most accurate information on people in your family when it is known from personal experience.


Many people have researched their Genealogy. In the process, they have displayed their family trees on the internet. By searching your surname you can check to see if you find a connection.create family


You can start and store your family tree on the internet. This will allow others to see your work and possibly match up to you. Ancestry .com has an enormous database of family trees that will link to yours when you have connections. Free Trial

Once you have used all of your personal resources to the fullest, it is time to research. Research your family history


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Creating a Family Tree with a download


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