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James Allen Wright

is the 2nd child of John C. and Jemima Haworth Wright.

He was born about 1771 at Bush River, Newberry County, South Carolina.

 James was born and raised at a time when the

 American Revolutionary War was in full circle.

Still a big part of the Quaker community,

James is found at Monthly Meetings (MM) in several places.

By 1798, James Wright had settled in Greene County, Tennessee.

This is where he met his wife Catherine Guinn who was born there December 16th, 1782.

They married April 28th, 1799 in Greene County, TN.

Shortly after, James was disowned from New Hope MM for

MCD (Marriage of Contrary Discipline), basically meaning they did not marry under Quaker terms.

 They moved to Warren County, Ohio and 6 years later,

were granted Certificate to MM in Miami, Warren County, OH October 19th, 1805.

On July 18th, 1807 James Wright became a charter member

of the Fairfield MM, in Highland County, OH.

In 1808 they had a son, George Wright born in Highland County, OH.

On August 26th, 1809 Catherine Guinn Wright was

recrq (received by request) to the Fairfield MM,

which was a big thing in Quaker life.

 On Dec 1813 James and Catherine were

gct (Granted Certificate to) Caesars Creek MM, Clark County, Ohio.

James and Catherine sure did bounce around a lot having been

gct (Granted Certificate to) on October 3, 1827 with Springfield MM, Wayne County in Indiana.

On Feb 16, 1833 they were gct with White River MM, Randolph County, Indiana

 and to Duck Creek MM, Indiana.

On Aug 20, 1835 James Wright was disowned for joining Hicksite Friends.

He died before 1838 in Henry County, Indiana.

Catherine Guinn Wright, after James death, on April 25th, 1838

was gct with Mississinewa MM, Grant County, Indiana.

It is unknown what happened to her after this time.


James Wright Family History

James Wright Family History


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James Wright Family History

James Wright Family History


Little is known of our ancestor George Wright.

He must have stayed near his father James Wright in Grant County, Indiana

for some time. He married Nancy Ann Maudlin July 17th, 1834

in Henry County, Indiana. Nancy was born in 1811 in Wilkes, North Carolina.

They had 4 children together; Isom, Dillon, David and John Wright.

It is not known when or where George Wright died,

his wife Nancy died 1870 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa. 


David Wright is the 3rd child of George and Nancy Ann Maudlin Wright.

David was born June 17th, 1841 in Grant County, Indiana.

David grew up in Indiana though went to Iowa by 1885 to work in Coal mines.

He probably met his wife in Iowa and married her April 17th, 1882.

His wife was Ida Mae Hardman born in Cuyanoga County, Ohio January 27th, 1858.

Together, David and Ida had 3 children; Demmie Retta born December 17th, 1882,

Marge Gertie March 4th, 1885 and

Clyde Monroe September 29th, 1889 in Monroe County, Iowa.

The hard working coal miner died June 28th, 1907

probably near Wapello County, Iowa.

About Ida Mae Hardman Wright, Gladys Wright had noted on how she died.

Going downstairs with a lamp, she set it down on a spot on the stairway,

to open a door, and it caught on the dress she was wearing

when she turned-it fell down on her, soaked her dress and burned her.

She died December 27th, 1910 in Wapello County, Iowa.

Clyde Monroe Wright, 3rd child to David and Ida Wright,

was born September 29th, 1889.

Clyde started working coal mines at a very young age.

Mostly staying in Iowa, he did spend some in

Waukesha and Kenosha, Wisconsin. He joined the Christian Church in Kenosha.

Clyde always seemed to have things rough,

though seemed to compensate with a large family.

Clyde married Alma Mae Briggs November 16th, 1910.

(It was one month later that his mother lit herself afire and died.)

Alma was born September 24th, 1894 in Lucas County, Iowa.

 Clyde and Alma had 12 children together;

Beulah Irene 1911, Harold Dean 1913, Lloyd Dale 1914,

Gerald Gene 1915, Gladys Marie 1918, James Monroe 1923,

Cecil Eugene 1923, Thelma Mae 1925, Helen Marvel 1926,

Clyde 1930, Roy Edward 1931 and Dwight Howard 1933.

wright family

Clyde was a very mild-mannered man.

Though his work was dangerous and rough and money was always hard to get,

he always maintained a good disposition.

He was good to children and a good husband.

Alma was a good woman, though she was very concerned

with appearance and wouldn't be seen without make up.

Clyde lived to be 76 where he died at Chariton Community Hospital

in Chariton Iowa on March 31st, 1966. 

Clyde and Alma's 1st child was

Beulah Irene Wright born in Marion County, Iowa July 28th, 1911.

This was very poor times for the family, everyone that could work were coal mining.

Beulah meets her husband Albert Ernest Lapp in 1928.

Albert was also born in Marion County October 3rd, 1908.

Albert landed a decent job working in a factory in Waukesha, Wisconsin

and with Beulah moved there. They married December 21st, 1928 in Waukesha, WI.

Together they had 5 children;

William Albert 1929, Francis Edward 1932, David Robert 1934,

Shirley Ann 1936 and Allan Clyde 1949 all born in Waukesha, WI.


Beulah Irene Wright Lapp was a nurturer.

She was known for always being alert of her husband.

She was always on the move to make sure he didn't.

Beulah was a good mother and loved her children dearly.

Beulah and Albert spent their 50th anniversary with family and friends in Waukesha in 1979.

 About 1 year later, Albert had passed in their home.

Beulah's health was deteriorating at this point, her arthritis had begun crippling her body. December 26th, 1982, Beulah Irene Wright Lapp passed in Waukesha, WI.

She and her husband are buried at Prairie Home Cemetery.

The 4th child and only daughter of Albert and Beulah Wright Lapp

 was Shirley Ann Lapp born August 26th, 1936 in Waukesha, WI.

After years of abuse from her father,

Shirley married Glenn William Jamieson April 3rd, 1952 in Waukesha, she was 15.

Glenn was born also in Waukesha, WI March 17th, 1929.

Glenn and Shirley had 9 children together, all boys;

Randy Allen 1952, Ricky William 1954, Scott Christie 1955,

Barry Lee 1956, Nathaniel Joseph 1958, John William 1960,

Todd Andrew 1965, Joel Jay 1973, and Gary Donald 1975.


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