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This site is dedicated to getting the

Family Trees of all the Wrights',

 all in one place.

This is a continual project and your contribution is wanted.

Together we can find out everything

there is to know about the Wrights',

where they started, where they went, and where they are going.


Starting with the most distant ancestor!

Wrights in Pennsylvania - James Wright born abt. 1671 in Nottingham Monthly Meeting, Chester County, PA.

Wrights in Ireland - William Wright born 1707 in Northern Ireland.

Family Tree of Wilbur and Orville Wright

Wrights in Connecticut - Samuel Wright born 1751 in Middlesex County, CT.

Wrights in England - Thomas Wright born 1396 in White Nottley, Essex, England

Wrights in England - Francis Wright born 1601 in Bolton-on-Swale, England

Wrights in England - Nathaniel Wright born about 1623/24 in London, UK, England.

Wrights in Massachusetts - Joseph Wright born 1721 in Springfield, Hampden, MA

Wrights in Virginia - Richard P. Wright born 1782 in Pittsylvania, VA

Wrights in Virginia William Wright born 1740 in York County, VA

Wrights in South Carolina - David "Earl" Wright born about 1890 first found in Pickens County, SC in 1886.



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