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Wright Family

This website is dedicated to anyone associated with this Wright Family surname.

We will gather all the information about our ancestry to help

get a better understanding of the family history, who is connected and how.

Our family history will be displayed, helping people figure out where they fit in.


We have an ongoing family tree to help connect our clan.

 We have documents proving our migration,

and Wright Pictures showing some of the faces of our history.

We will list some of the connecting family surnames

like Humphries, Lapp, Cantlon, Jamieson, Fountain, and many, many more.

 We will also include more of this information as

 we get it from you and others. Family Connections

We will share the story of our family

and have a place to give your family story. Wright History

DNA plays a big part in family history today,

and will display our numbers on this site to eventually match us all up. Wright DNA

Specializing in our family name, we want this site dedicated to everything!

Get a shirt, hat, mug, clock or many more items showing your family pride at the Wright Store. Slogans that say "Wright Pride", "I am always Wright!", "I always do things the Wright way", and more.

Ultimately, this site will bring together everyone with our family name and anyone associated with it, so we have a complete understanding of our family history. So what are you waiting for, be apart of mine, and your family website and together, find the answers to our family's past!

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